Case Amar Bank – Indonesian bank located Data Science center in Finland

At ICT DIRECT, headhunting is always done in a consultative manner. We know the ICT field, so we know how to attract qualified talents and avoid potential pitfalls. Our experience is particularly useful in resourcing demanding specialists, and for example in finding senior staff.

Amar Bank had the need to recruit a specialist, a top analyst for the Data Science team, but senior factors were hard to find.ICT DIRECT started the recruitment process and applications began to come in. A suitable expert was found, tested, interviewed and hired quickly.

“ICT DIRECT understands that their role is to find a suitable, technically skilled and tested candidate – and then pass the ball to us so that we can see if the candidate is a good fit for our team and our values.”

Toni Heiskanen, Lead Data Scientist, PT Bank Amar

The Data Science team of Indonesian Amar Bank, which offers digital banking services, operates from Finland. Despite the talent shortage, it has been noticed that there are especially many top experts in Finland who understand analytics and risk management modelling, so there has been no need to change the well-functioning team. Before also a skilled talent from India was recruited to the Finnish team by ICT DIRECT.

“The degrees studied in Finland are interdisciplinary, practical and focused on working life, so there are an exceptional number of experienced top talents,” says Amar Bank’s Lead Data Scientist Toni Heiskanen.

In the ICT world, it is difficult to find senior talents that are available – especially when you are looking for someone who specializes in a certain subject. A special understanding of the applied position and the requirements of the candidates is required from the recruitment partner. ICT DIRECT’s process has been refined over the years to meet the special needs of IT recruitment, and the headhunting is done multi-channel using a hybrid model, and the process utilizes modern tools, such as candidate testing.

“Our biggest demand from a recruitment partner is to understand what we are looking for. The analytics area is very specific, and the recruiter needs to know what kind of talent would be suitable for the position in specific searches, as well as test their skills”, describes Heiskanen.

The cooperation has been successful and recruitments have been made from Finland by headhunting and from India by recruiting internationally. Heiskanen himself was also originally recruited by ICT DIRECT to work at Amar Bank.

“We have been satisfied with the cooperation and we also learned from the application processes. We learn to pay attention to certain things and avoid others. In our case, communication with ICT DIRECT has been exceptionally simple and fast. You will receive the answer the next day and the starting meeting the day after that. Schedules are followed and we trust that what is agreed will be kept,” sums up Heiskanen.

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