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    Your Trusted Partner for Business Growth Through International Recruitment

    For the past five years, we have been bringing technology experts from India to Finnish companies. In overseas recruitment, you have the support of ICT DIRECT’s recruitment consultants at our India office, who ethically source the best talents for the role through precise searches. We are holders of the Trusted Partner certificate for international recruitment from Business Finland.

    In many industries in Finland, the demand for experienced professionals far exceeds the supply. This problem can be solved by looking beyond our borders and turning our gaze to the global talent markets. At ICT DIRECT, we have chosen India, the world’s most populous country with 1.4 billion people, as our source country. It not only offers a population fluent in English but also a very comprehensive selection of top experts across various fields. India is also one of the four target countries for international recruitment selected by the Finnish government.

    Many companies already receive applications and cooperation offers from abroad, but rather than leaving it to chance, it’s advisable to turn to a professional in international resourcing to avoid costly mistakes. On the global talent market, Finnish companies compete with the world’s leading companies for the best talents. This requires a completely new level of recruitment expertise for success and risk management. Since 2018, we have been bringing world-class talents from India to Finnish companies.

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    Recruitment from abroad – We support you throughout the entire international resourcing process

    • Our Finnish consultant is always there to help you. He acts as a guide that allows you to safely choose your new employee from the global talent market.
    • We introduce talents that match your profile using databases from different countries and headhunting methods. You simply interview and choose the most suitable one!
    • We assist in drawing up the employment contract. The contract process varies across cultures, and international recruitment often includes surprises for the inexperienced.
    • We conduct a thorough background check on all new employees hired.
    • Furthermore, we trust our own selection process so much that we can take the employee you choose on our payroll through Try & Hire staff leasing service.
    • If remote work is feasible for your company, the quickest and most cost-effective solution to secure a world-class professional or an entire team is to have the top talent found in India work from our office in India or from their home offices as part of your organization.
    • When you need help with the arrival of a new employee in Finland, we provide support with official matters and housing arrangements.
    • If necessary, we assist the talent you hire in integrating into Finland. Finding housing, moving, employment opportunities for spouses, schooling and childcare for children, leisure activities, and many other concerns occupy the mind of a new immigrant. When these are smoothly arranged, the talent will enjoy living in our country, and their contribution to work is optimal.
    • We operate ethically and in compliance with Finnish legislation, also in India. We do not use any intermediaries; our own recruitment consultants in India handle all candidate communications. Participation in the selection process is free of charge for candidates.

    How does a talent get to Finland?

    With us, international recruitment is easy. If the talent is coming to work for your company in Finland, we assist with the employment contract, residence permit, and relocation arrangements as needed. You save time and can recruit from abroad with peace of mind. Those recruited to Finland through us can use the fast track for specialists, where the processing time for a residence permit is up to 14 days. Business Finland supports the international recruitment of top talents. For more information on recruitment from abroad, visit the Talent Boost project’s website.