“We have been able to hire good, high-profile experts for social security IT.”

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Case 2M-IT: Meaningful work draws IT experts to healthcare sector

2M-IT, a public company, specializes in providing IT services and solutions for the social and healthcare sectors across 16 different areas. With over 800 experts, the company welcomes hundreds of new recruits yearly. 2M-IT’s goal is to ensure the seamless operation of vital services in Finland, including patient and customer information systems, along with the support services.

2M-IT is a major employer and player in the healthcare sector. However, the company isn’t widely recognized outside of healthcare and social services when it comes to IT. Despite posting job ads on different platforms, they haven’t been able to find the right candidates. That’s why they partnered with a recruitment expert to help them locate and attract the right talent.The hiring process begins with understanding the requirements and then directly approaching suitable candidates. ICT DIRECT has a good understanding of the market and knows where to start looking and how to approach potential candidates. Once we find the right talent, the significance of the work speaks for itself.

Headhunting: Tool to connect IT professionals with opportunities in the social and healthcare sector

Throughout the extensive partnership, 2M-IT and ICT DIRECT have achieved multiple successful recruitments.

“In some cases, we have hired multiple candidates in a single search. For instance, when the plan was to hire 1-3 solution architects, 2M-IT ended up hiring all three candidates we presented,” explains Kristo Enqvist, Customer Manager at ICT DIRECT.

These positions are highly regarded in terms of expertise and pay. IT architects have extensive experience and are often already employed, so they are less likely to actively search for jobs. Therefore, executive search or “headhunting” is necessary to engage and attract the desired candidates for social and healthcare sector recruitment.

“The needs assessments have been valuable in guiding our recruitment efforts. Through our long-term partnership, we have developed specific profiles for certain roles. This knowledge proves beneficial when embarking on new searches. We have a clear understanding of our requirements, and ICT DIRECT comprehends the needs of our industry,” explains Sari Rasi, HR Director of 2M-IT, adding:

“The cooperation has been smooth, and our mutual understanding of processes has significantly improved. As a result, we have successfully recruited highly skilled professionals for IT in social and healthcare.”