“I would definitely continue to rely on ICT DIRECT for challenging R&D roles.”

9Solutions IT

Case 9Solutions: IT Headhunt for AI/ML Specialist

9Solutions is Finland’s leading supplier of location-based security and communication systems and intelligent care solutions for hospitals, assisted living and home care. The company’s story began in 2009 from a personal concern and the idea to develop a wireless security button. The original idea of ​​a real-time positioning and alarm device has later grown into a comprehensive security and communication solution that strengthens the safety of both customers and staff in healthcare.

Top talent for MedTech pioneer 9Solutions


The idea of this internationally growing company is to support healthcare professionals’ and free time for the actual nursing work with the help of intelligent systems, as well as curbing overall healthcare costs. In order to reach the goal, 9Solutions is constantly developing a SaaS software platform and releasing new solution sets that utilize location data and artificial intelligence for healthcare customers globally.

The need for hiring an AI/ML specialist arose at 9Solutions when the company required an experienced expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This specialist was expected to have comprehensive cloud management skills and be prepared for hands-on DevOps tasks. 9Solutions’ platform facilitates over 20 billion positionings each month, processing more than 100,000 alarms daily. Given the vast amount of data to be managed, the specialist’s responsibilities encompassed not only planning and development but also the maintenance of the existing data infrastructure.

“At the start, we realized that finding the right candidate for the role was quite tough, and it would demand resources we lacked. So, we opted to collaborate with a recruitment partner. ICT DIRECT screened numerous candidates and presented those who showed genuine promise. What I particularly valued was that ICT DIRECT’s experts were forthright about the challenges. Their transparency meant we didn’t receive irrelevant proposals that would have wasted our time. Instead, we received quality candidates for our assessment,” says Maria Helsing, CTO of 9Solutions.


To meet 9Solutions’ objectives, having top experts is crucial. ICT DIRECT tackled this challenge by conducting an Executive Search in collaboration with the client. Our past experience and knowledge of the Med-Tech industry helped to grasp the client’s needs and the criteria for the ideal expert. This groundwork ensured that suitable candidates in a competitive talent pool could be presented to the client.

“I’ve been following 9Solutions’ journey from the beginning. Because I’m familiar with the health technology industry and the tech they use, our collaboration went smoothly. 9Solutions’ strong market position, growth, and pioneering mission attracted experienced talents to the role. The client praised the quality of the candidates we presented. Throughout the recruitment process, clear communication was a priority, both with the client and the applicants. In this project, communication went exceptionally well, making it a pleasure to work on this recruitment with the 9Solutions and ICT DIRECT teams,” Jouko Karhu, Customer Success Executive.

The recruitment process progressed seamlessly, and we presented many high-quality candidates to the client. The experts went through detailed interviews and background checks and received quick answers to their questions about the job. This enhanced 9Solutions’ reputation as an employer and ensured the selection of the best talent. Consequently, we quickly found the right expert for the job, providing strong support for 9Solutions’ growth.

“I will certainly continue to count on ICT DIRECT for demanding R&D positions. Our collaboration was highly successful, and should we require specific expertise in the future, they will be our first choice. Having worked with numerous companies, I must say that ICT DIRECT stood out by consistently providing the most suitable candidates and keeping us well-informed about the recruitment process.,” Helsing sums up.