Case Funidata – The talent shortage in the IT sector must not be an obstacle to the development

Funidata Oy is a Finnish software company that supplies solutions to universities. Funidata’s cloud-based service platform offers students, teachers and staff a system where information goes to the right people at the right time. The products support the management of university-level teaching and create the basis for an effective learning environment in large and changing locations. With the company’s growth, recruitment services have been needed at regular intervals, and ICT DIRECT has been Funidata’s trusted partner in several recruitments.

Growth requires talent

The talent shortage in the IT sector is a continuous topic in the news, and finding competent professionals is slowing growth and creating bottlenecks in many companies. Funidata has tried many recruitment and headhunting services to find talent in the IT sector, but not always successfully. That is when Funidata decided to look for other operators, and that’s how Sallanmaa also got to know ICT DIRECT.

“ICT DIRECT stood out with its clear website, and from the very first contact, the service was fast and professional. Their modus operandi and cooperation process quickly became clear. We immediately saw that with ICT DIRECT we would get a new momentum in the recruitment process and talents with slightly different profiles than before”, says Sallanmaa, and emphasizes how in addition to competence, the desire to develop and develop is also important.

Smooth recruitment process – more time for other things

Outsourcing recruitment or headhunting can be an exhausting process even when outsourced. Many factors of the industry and the rising costs when different subcontractors and freelancers are involved. The recruitment partner may outsource, for example, the evaluation of technical skills or some other necessary step, and the middlemen always take their own fee, which is reflected in the price charged to the end customer.

Sallanmaa has been satisfied with the fact that things have progressed smoothly with ICT DIRECT and he has only had to deal with one supplier.

“The recruitment process was started quickly and the first candidates were soon interviewed. The cost structure for recruitment was clear and simple,” says Sallanmaa, who appreciates the opportunity to use his own time more efficiently in outsourcing.

The key is the quality of competence and knowledge of people

The recruitment process must be fast and efficient, but can you get quality quickly?

ICT DIRECT’s wide range of services covers everything from search to interview and evaluation, so no other parties are needed. All-in-one, you can find all the necessary experience and vision in one company, and the recruiters themselves have a strong background in the IT sector. The experience brings certainty and efficiency.

The quality of the skills delivered determines the success of the entire process and often also the achievement of the company’s goals, which can suffer from unsuccessful recruitment. Sallanmaa also emphasizes the importance of the right people in the team: “We especially need software designers who know how to plan, implement and test, but also other talents in the technical field, and it would also be good to understand something about today’s higher education world. Finding the right talent is critical for our own product development”.

You still don’t need to know everything at Funidata either, but attitude is what matters. The right type has the desire to learn, and the guts to do. To adapt to the work community, with a sense of humour and adapt to the agile working methods. A professional recruiter is a human connoisseur who not only identifies the most competent but also the most suitable.

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