Case Scania – Recruiting an experienced IT talent made easy and fast

Headhunting is used a lot when recruiting management but it is also an effective tool for hiring talents. IT professionals are currently well-employed in Finland, so hiring a senior, and someone more experienced from the free market can be difficult and slow. There is where headhunting comes in as an effective solution – that can improve the employer’s brand image too.

Scania needed to recruit an experienced IT professional who could work independently and understand multi-level information. Scania’s resources for recruitment were limited, so a partner was wanted to assist in the process.Scania started cooperation with ICT DIRECT. After a precise definition of the need, the search started and the process was quick and successful. A qualified IT system specialist was found and hired for Scania.

“I could definitely recommend ICT DIRECT for recruiting IT talents. The recruitment process was smooth, and the recruiters of ICT DIRECT quick and competent. We had a feeling that they were on top of the situation and knew what they were doing.”

Paavo Saari, HR specialist, Scania

Difficult to reach and find experienced specialists

Scania is a leading provider of transport solutions, including heavy trucks, buses and coaches, and comprehensive product-specific services. Scania has 54,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Scania has more than 590 employees in Finland, so various recruitments are made every year.

“ICT DIRECT was already familiar to us from previous IT recruitments, and when due to scheduling reasons we ended up moving forward with a recruitment partner, ICT DIRECT and their ready network was a natural choice for finding the best talent,” says Scania’s HR expert Paavo Saari.

This time, the search was for a more demanding, multi-level role of an IT system professional, who must be able to work independently. From the corporation, there are many systems and their requirements are high.

“This recruitment had more challenging specs because we were clearly looking for already experienced talents. They often already have a job and it is not easy to find them. Especially IT professionals who specialize in a certain subject. Searching for the right talent is difficult,” Saari describes.

“I can recommend ICT DIRECT as a partner. A good specification was made at the beginning, and their recruiters knew how to ask the right questions. The process went well and the end result was as expected. To sum it up like this: the recruitment process was smooth, and the work was quick and competent. We had a feeling that ICT DIRECT really knows what they are doing.”

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