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    ICT DIRECT have been the trusted recruitment partner for Finnish companies’ tech talent for over 10 years. We have placed thousands of top-tier professionals – from CEOs to specialists – with more than 200 satisfied clients. Our customer satisfaction rating stands at 4.8 out of 5.

    In addition to being Finland’s most experienced recruitment agency for technology sector managers, experts, and sales staff, we address our country’s talent shortage as pioneers in international recruitment.

    We assist your company in finding world-class talent for all technology roles from Finland. If they cannot be found in Finland we look for India—the world’s largest employment market. We typically find the best candidates through headhunting. From the candidates we present, you choose the most suitable professional to hire onto your payroll. They can also work on a freelance basis for a fixed term either in Finland or remotely from India. If you wish to ensure the chosen professional’s fit with your company before finalizing the employment contract, opt for our Try & Hire service.

    A recruitment partner specialized in the technology sector understands your needs

    We possess extensive experience in international leadership roles in the technology sector, and strong networks in the industry’s companies and among professionals. We thoroughly know our field and understand the challenges and requirements of our client companies. Our knowledge of the challenges in resourcing technology talent and solving them enables us to be your growth partner, helping you achieve your goals. So you can trust that we offer the most comprehensive resourcing services—whether you need a single headhunted talent or to grow your entire business to the next level. And you can trust that your employer brand will remain high in collaboration with us. Our candidate satisfaction is 4.6 out of 5.

    Looking boldly to the world when Finland is not enough

    If Finland does not offer the needed expertise, we turn our attention to the vast labor markets of India, with 523 million workers. Home to all international IT majors and over 27,000 technology startups, India offers an abundance of the latest tech expertise. Although the salary levels for top talent in India have risen rapidly in recent years, working for a Finnish company remains an economically attractive option for Indian talent. Nowadays, the integration of international professionals into Finland is smooth, with over 19,000 Indians already residing in our country.

    An expert and efficient recruitment partner is key to the success of a modern company.

    IT Headhunting

    An effective way in today’s market for recruiting management and experts. Our process has been refined over the years to meet the special needs of IT recruitment and we have an extensive partner network internationally.

    International resourcing

    Recruitment or resourcing, we cover both. Build long-term growth or solve temporary resourcing needs with your help. We advise and consult on which direction to take in navigating the growth.

    Try & Hire

    Resource risk-free and cost-effective. The talent works through us on a year trial and after that, your company decides about the continuation. Talents can work at your office in Finland or remotely from India.

    Remote developer

    If work can be done remotely, the fastest and most cost-effective solution for hiring a world-class expert (or a whole team) is for the top experts to work at our office in India as part of your organization.