Reliable Partner certification in international recruiting to ICT DIRECT

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Press Release

Helsinki, December 21, 2023

ICT DIRECT Finland Oy, known for its innovative approach in the fields of recruitment and staff leasing, proudly announces that it has received the prestigious international recruitment certificate granted by Business Finland. This achievement highlights the company’s commitment to responsibility in recruiting foreign workers.

“We are extremely pleased and proud of this accomplishment, which proves our long-standing commitment to responsible practices in promoting work-based immigration,” says Ilpo Järvenpää, CEO of ICT DIRECT Finland Oy.

“The exploitation of labor involving human trafficking and forced labor is a serious global issue. ICT DIRECT respects and protects the rights of foreign workers and does not tolerate any human rights violations. We adhere to due diligence and our actions help prevent the exploitation of labor related to human trafficking and forced labor,” continues Järvenpää.

“We have a long tradition of preventing the exploitation of Indian labor. We established our own subsidiary in India as early as 2018. It operates under Finnish management, adhering to responsibility and legality in all its activities,” concludes Järvenpää.

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