Senior Data Scientist moved from India to Finland

Back to articles. Author 16.1.23

Tolaram, an international fintech company, had been looking for a top-notch data expert in Helsinki for some time last summer. When they didn’t succeed in the Finnish talent market, Tolaram turned to ICT DIRECT. The assignment was to find a world-class Senior Data Scientist for this key role.

Our international recruiting started mapping eligible candidates from the global talent market. Among the top nominees presented, Tolaram chose Aniket Kamavisdar from Pune, India, as the new Senior Data Scientist. Aniket’s versatile experience, excellent technical test score and bright persona were the most significant criteria in the selection decision.

Tolaram’s employment contract with Aniket was signed in August. He started to work in September. Due to travel restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic, Aniket initially worked remotely in India until arriving in the middle of the Finnish winter at the beginning of January this year.

Adaptation to Finland has started well

After a month in Finland, Aniket Kamavisdar is satisfied with his choice. Since he started working remotely, the induction into the work was already over when he arrived in Finland. After a month, a permanent apartment has been found and Kamavisdar is rapidly settling down in Finland.

“Dressing helps in winter and food tastes good, too!”

”I am one for trying new foods. I am not really sure if I’ve tried some authentic Finnish cuisine, but nonetheless, the foods that I’ve had so far were all worth having another time. Given the fact that I don’t eat beef, I found here that there are always tasty and fulfilling alternatives to meat”, Aniket describes his dining experiences.

“Also, there are quite many restaurants that serve Indian cuisine. They manage to get the taste as close to home as possible”, he rejoices.

The Finnish winter has not spooked Kamavisdar either:

“Winters at first seemed very scary but I didn’t feel as much harsh as I thought it would. I packed heavily and bought the necessary layers. Still, it took a while to get used to the snowfalls and cold winds. Now after a month, it feels pleasant.”

Migration of international experts to Finland recovering

Due to the global pandemic, our import of top foreign talent to Finnish companies was on hiatus for a long time. We are now adjusting to the post-COVID-19 period. Senior Data Scientist Aniket Kamavisdar is one of the first to arrive in Finland as travel eased.

Based on our experience, companies planning to import from foreign countries should be prepared for the fact that 2-4 months can be reserved from the start of the search to the employee’s arrival. Starting work can happen faster if a future employee starts remotely. It takes 1-2 months to set up at the End of Finland after arrival.

In June 2022, a fast track for foreign specialists will be for the residence permit process. The permit process will then be promised a duration of 14 days. When a company needs hard-to-find IT talent, you can get it to the office faster from abroad than from Finland!