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“The international headhunt went excellently, and we grew our US team.”

FootBalance started looking for a suitable IT expert as the company moved into a new phase with the goal of rapid global expansion.

FootBalance IT specialist

“I would definitely continue to rely on ICT DIRECT for challenging R&D roles.”

Headhunt AI/ML specialist for an internationalizing company. ICT DIRECT’s recruitment sharpened the 9Solutions talent team.

9Solutions IT

“We have been able to hire good, high-profile experts for social security IT.”

Headhunting is a great tool to connect IT professionals with opportunities in the social and healthcare sector.

IT social healthcare

“We are used to working remotely with Indians and the feedback from the hired has been very positive.”

Case Cloudshift21: Nokia’s Spin-off expands talent pool and recruits globally with ICT DIRECT.

Nokia’s Spin-off recruits globally

“We were particularly impressed by ICT DIRECT’s applicant testing process.”

Case Bank Amar. Hiring top talents – Technical assessments aid in differentiating qualified candidates from unqualified ones.

bank amar

“ICT DIRECT had an extensive network and the capability to identify and attract top talent.”

Case Metsähallitus and how the client’s mission, values and significance of the work were expressed to potential candidates.

case metsähallitus

“Right from the first contact, the service was fast and professional.”

Case Funidata. The talent shortage in the IT sector must not be an obstacle to development. Need help in IT headhunting? Contact us!


“I can definitely recommend ICT DIRECT for recruiting IT experts.”

Scania started cooperation with ICT DIRECT. After the definition of the need, the search was started and completed and successful.


“In ICT DIRECT, the testing process of the applicants was particularly impressive.”

Case Amar Bank. Indonesian bank located Data Science center in Finland. We know the ICT field, so we know how to attract qualified talents.

Amar Bank Hiring the top talents internationally